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Palliative Care/Hospice Visit

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Hospice Visit: $150

Sometimes, our elderly pets or those that have been diagnosed with chronic/terminal conditions need to be supported or kept comfortable until natural death occurs or euthanasia is elected. This is called veterinary hospice or palliative care. This is a service that I would be honored to provide. In collaboration with individual family members and your pet’s regular veterinarian, a Hospice Visit allows us to establish our care goals and come up with a plan that best suits your pet’s needs. This plan also takes into account any personal beliefs, feelings, past experiences, or other individual/family concerns. I will aim to keep your beloved family member with you as long as possible, but free from pain and suffering. Included in the hospice visit fee is follow-up phone/email correspondence to monitor progress. Depending on each individual pet’s condition, there may be additional follow-up visits/fees.

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